AMAUTA Project

The Centro de Estudios Andinos Bartolomé de las Casas with its head office in Cusco, began to develop the Amauta Project in 2003, together with the Amauta Org group and support of La fondation Daniel Langlois pour l'art, la science et la technologie 

The four programs of the project are:

  1. Research program.
  2. Education program.
  3. Creative Residencies program.
  4. Dissemination program.

Moreover, Amauta Project has been developing a plan to create internships for the programs of research and development for local and international artists.


Amauta Project offers its services in audio visual and artistic research and development to the Andean community. Its use, as well as access is completely free to those willing to develop artistic projects with the sole condition that these projects are approved by the evaluation committee Amauta - CBC.

Media library

Amauta Project has its own library, called “mediateca” with approximatey 500 works of video art, experimental videos, documentaries, as well as videos and movies in different genres.  Access to all the material is free for direct beneficiaries of Amauta Project (students, independent artists, researchers, etc)


Amauta Project develops activities within and outside the installations of CBC.

As the project operates within the programs of El Colegio Andino del CBC its base of operations, the laboratory Centro Andino de Arte y Nuevos Medios - Cusco, functions within the installations of the CBC occupying an exclusive space where the stations for digital work are currently located (Printers, computers, video camaras, etc). It also occupies a space where projections, courses and exhibitions are performed.

Outside the scope of CBC, there are several activities which Amauta Project has been developing, in Cuzco and other regions. Diverse installations and resources have been used depending on the location of the activities, either in cities or in rural communities.