Workshops / Courses / Lectures

Workshop: "Electronics fundamentals for media arts creation", Gerardo Della Vecchia, (CEIArtE, UNTreF - Argentina). August, 2008.

Gerardo Della Vecchia holds a degree on Electronics Arts by Tres de Febrero National University, Argentina. He is a member of the Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Centre (CEIArtE) at the same university.


Workshop: "Interacive digital art lab", Rosa Sanchez and Alain Burman (Konic thtr - Spain). August, 2008.

Rosa Sanchez and Alain Burman are founding members of Konic thtr, an artistic platform based in Barcelona, Spain, aimed at contemporary creation at the border between art, new technologies and science. Its main focus of activity is in the application of interactive technology to artistic projects.


Workshop: "Programming with Processing to create interactive media works on mobile devices and computers", Patricio Davila and David Mcintosh (OCAD - Canada). December, 2007.

Patricio Dávila is an artist and researcher working with interactive technologies, and lecturer in Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), Toronto, Canada. Dr. David Mcintosh is an interactive cell phone game designer and Professor of Media Studies at OCAD too.


Workshop: Audiovisual Research/Creation. October and November, 2007.

A team from the Amauta Project conducted the first workshop on Audiovisual Research/Creation in the rural community of Ccachin, department of Cusco, Peru, during late October and early November, 2007.

The objective of this workshop was to achieve a rich cultural dialogue between all participants, aiming to establish bridges for a better undestanding of our points of view about life. We were taking the art, current technological possibilities and also an open approach to a diversity of contemporary research/creation techniques regarding communication and expression, as an element up to such a dialogue.

See the full report (text and photographs).


Workshop: interactive textiles, Barbara Layne (Concordia University). October, 2007.

Barbara Layne is professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she is also directing Studio subTela. Layne's main research interest is the development of intelligent cloth structures for the creation of artistic, performative and functional textiles.



Workshop: interactive art, Natalia Pajarino and Bernardo Pinero (CEIARTE/ Argentina) May – June, 2007.

Natalia Pajarino and Bernardo Piñeroboth graduates from Tres de Febrero National University Electronic Arts Program in Argentina, are members of the Electronic Arts Experimenting and Research Centre (CEIARTE) at the same university.



Workshop: Fictional identities, Dr. Joanne Lalonde (UQAM-Canada). April 2007.

Dr. Joanne Lalonde is a professor in the Art History department and vice-dean of research/creation at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.



Workshop: Web design, Engineer Pedro León April 2007.

The engineer Pedro Leon is a web designer and programmer, with 13 years of experience and is a certified Adobe Certified Expert and Macromedia Certified.



Workshop: Edition. The theory and practice of assembling, Walter Aparicio. December 2006.

Walter Aparicio is a video-artist and communicator;, currently he is the coordinator of the Poject Amauta - Cusco from the CBC.


Workshop: Internet, networks and the production of new cultural spaces, David Mcintosh (OCAD-Canada). November 2006.

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Dr. David Mcintosh is a professor of media studies at the Ontario College of Art and design in Toronto, Canada. He has been the producer for the documentary “Tina en Mexico” and scriptwriter for the film “Stryker”.



Workshop: Acustic Materials and Soundscape Design, Xavier Bellenger. October, 2006

Dr. Xavier Bellenger is a sound engineer and ethnomusicologist, and has specialized in the Andean world. He has carried out sound-compilation projects all around the world.



Workshop: Free software and Open Source licenses, Lila Pagola. October, 2006.

Lila Pagola is an artist specialized in new media. She has organized international symposiums and events, of art and new media in her country of residence: Cordoba, Argentina.



Conference: Performance art, Mike Smith. December 2006.

Mike Smith is an artist and perfomer. He currently works in Austin-Texas, and in New York City, USA.


Workshop of scriptwriting by Alvaro Mejia, Scripwriter from Lima. October 2005.


Workshop: Living in a digital World, about the new possibilities of the virtual world, by Nils Roller, Professor in Media Arts at the University of Switzerland. July 2005.


Workshop about the development of cinematographic scripts by Joshua homnick, cinematographic director. December 2004.


Conferences about style guides for animation movies by Annelise Palouda, graphic designer and Art director in Hollywoo, located in: “El Auditorio del Colegio Andino (CBC) y Facultad de Ciencias de la comunicación de la Universidad San Antonio Abad del Cusco. September 2004.


Workshop on digital video editting (FinalCut Pro HD), by Rocio Martinez, a certified instructor from Apple-US. August and September 2004.


Workshop on the visual narrative structure by Bruce Yonemoto, a video artist and professor for the University of Southern California-Los Angeles (USA). August 2004.


Conference about experimental-video Projects, by Eric Cruz, an art director for the agency Wieden and Kennedy. July 2003.